Macrame Bracelet Patterns

Have you always wanted to be able to make your own necklaces, bracelets and designer bags, but didn’t know how or didn’t have the resources? You have probably experienced this kind of problem. Well, macrame design is exactly what the doctor ordered.


Macramé is a kind of textile manufacturing where you knot. The materials used in macramé range from jute, linen, cotton yarn, hemp and yarn. It is a process in which ropes, codes or cords are knotted together to create a thing. This thing can be a necklace, jewelry, bracelet, etc. Macrame designs could be elaborate if different knots are combined to create a complex or pattern. A macrame bracelet could be made as follows:

  • Material Needed
  • Scissors or razor blade
  • A pencil or foam board or a T-pen
  • A hemp string or a string at will



Step 1

First the circumference of the wrist is measured. Then cut two pieces of the hemp string with the scissors. The cut pieces should be at least three times the size of the wrist or the initially measured circumference. For example, if the measurement obtained was 5 inches, two strands of 15 inch each should be cut.

Step 2

One strand is folded in two halves. If you hold the pen in a horizontal position, the folded skein is draped over the barrel of the pen so that a loop hangs directly over the front part and also to ensure that loose ends hang behind it. These loose ends should be passed through the loop and then tightened. This procedure should also be repeated with the second strand. Finally, four strands should hang from this pencil. Mentally you can mark these four strands from right to left as 1, 2 3 4. You can use any labeling technique you find easy.

Step 3

Strand 1 should then be led to the left side over strand 2 and strand 3 (which are essentially the two strands in the middle) and then under strand 4.

Step 4

At this point, take strand 4 behind both strands 2 and 3 over the loop formed by strand 1. To ensure that a half square knot is created, tighten both strand 1 and strand 4.

Step 5

In the meantime you should realize a strand crossing process. Continue this strand crossing process until the macrame bracelet finally reaches the length you desire. As you continue, the half square knots will form spirals.

Step 6

Here the loops are pushed off the pencil. Then pull on strand 2 and strand 3 to reduce the size of the loops that are only slightly formed. Then all four strands are held together and two knots are tied to secure the work. These knots are important. The strings that you consider undesirable should then be cut off, and this should be done carefully as close as possible to these knots.

Step 7

You have now placed the bracelet on your wrist. The knot should then be passed through the loop to hold the bracelet on your wrist.

The above steps can help you design a simple macrame bracelet. This macramé approach uses knotting rather than weaving or knitting. You can also use beads to make a beaded macramé bracelet. You can design different types of bracelets using the macrame approach. It depends on you.

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