Macrame Coasters

Taking a normal everyday room and transforming it into a room that will amaze visitors is the dream of most homeowners. Using art made of macramé knots is a great way to make this dream come true. The art you place in your home should say something about you and your personality.


With so many works of art made with macramé nodes, there is no doubt that you can find something that matches your personality and style. The best thing is that all these artworks are handmade. So they are all unique creations and are sure to amaze your guest the next time they enter your home.

These works of art are available online and can also be made by anyone who can tie knots. Now I know that most of you are thinking of the macramé your grandmothers used to make. I know that whenever I think of macramé, the first thing that comes to mind are the plant hangers from the late 70s and early 80s.


But the art I’m talking about is made of materials like cotton, hemp, nylon and manila. The artist who creates this art uses these different materials to wrap bottles, make doormats, ring signs, coasters, needle cases, etc. With the variety of materials used, it is not difficult to find objects made with macramé knots to coordinate with the decor you have in your home. These works of art can then be placed in your home to add special accents, especially in any room with nautical decoration.

It’s nice to have decorations that can accent any shelf, wall or bar. Wouldn’t a rum bottle covered with macramé knots look 100 times better when sitting on a bar or shelf than the same old, dreary bottle? Imagine pouring a drink from a rope-covered bottle and giving it to a guest to place on a rope coaster.

All this after they have gone into your house and wiped their feet on your rope floor mat. Finally, a home decor that is truly unique, and now the Jones will keep up with you rather than the other way around. What we all want is a room that has a beautiful focal point, and art made from macramé knots will create that focal point in any room.

All these complicated pieces of art add ambience to your room and people want to know where you got them from. Next time you buy artwork to decorate your home, remember that macramé knots are not your grandmother’s art.

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