Macrame Earrings

For the production of your hemp earrings you need the following consumables.

  • Hemp yarn
  • Hemp thread
  • Pearls
  • Scissors
  • Earhooks

Tip before you start cutting your string.

It’s important to have extra long knotted lines, as their length consumes the tying of the knots and if they are not long enough, your whole project will be scrapped. It is much easier to cut extra length when you are finished than to start from scratch. So give yourself enough length. If in doubt, go with longer strings.


I have learned this lesson the hard way more than once. When you tie hemp earrings for the first time, cut your strings even longer than normal. When I try something new, I always make my cords extra long, just to be sure.

To make the hemp earrings, we have to cut the hemp. First, cut 2 pieces of hemp yarn about a foot long.

After you have cut your hemp yarn, take the hemp thread and cut ten pieces a foot long.

Take one of the hemp twine and five of the hemp cords and pull them halfway through the earring hook. Take the rest of the hemp twine and the hemp cords and pull them halfway through the other hemp earring hook. Tie off the cords on both earrings and tie them with an overhand knot.

How to tie a macramé overhand knot

Hold all strings together to form a loop, pull the strings through the loop and tighten.

Now we can start with the macrame part of the hemp earrings. To do this, you need to learn how to tie a macramé half knot and a macrame square knot. The macramé knots are made with the thicker, longer hemp yarn. This is called your knotting cords.

Making a half knot

Take the knotted cord one and go over the middle strings and under the knotted cord two. Next, take the knot string two under the middle strings and then over the knot string one. Tighten the strings to finish your half knot. To create a macramé spiral pattern. You will need to tie a series of macramé half knots.

Make a square knot

To make a square knot, first tie a half knot. After your half knot is made, you must take knot string two and go over the middle strings and under knot string one. Next, take knot string one under the middle strings and then over knot string two. Tighten the strings and you are done with your macramé square knot. The macrame flat pattern design consists of square knots.

To make the macramé part of the hemp earring, use either the flat pattern or the spiral pattern, depending on your design preference. The macramé part should be about one inch long. Finish the macrame part with an overhand knot. You can now cut off the remaining length of your knot strings.

Instructions for making the pearl tassels

Take the middle strings. Place a bead on the string and tie a half knot one inch from the end of the earring. Cut off the remaining length after the overhand knot. Repeat this with each of the middle strings.

Your hemp earrings are now ready. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and informative. Some of the skills you learned in this tutorial will help you to make other hemp jewelry such as hemp necklaces, bracelets, bracelets and anklets.

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