Macrame Shelf

Macramé is a beautiful art form that transforms cord or yarn into intricately designed knots. Externally, creating macramé may seem complex, but it is easier than you might think to create an elaborate statement with strategically placed knots.


Not only does macrame add an eye-catching touch to home décor, but it can also be helpful in creating a unique retail shelf.
A macramé shelf is a decorative way to place items such as books, plants and candles around the home.

Change the yarn colour or knot design for a shelf concept that suits your personal taste and style. A macramé shelf is easy to move and simple to create. It’s a great way to quickly update the decor of a room.



  • -Circle the 2 inch diameter macramé shelf with double hand cutouts
  • Yellow cotton yarn
  •  Scissors


  1. place a circular macramé shelf with a diameter of 2 feet and double hand cutouts on a flat surface
  2. cut 2 pieces of yellow yarn to 8 feet in length. Fold the yarn in half and cut in the middle of each piece to make 4 separate pieces of yarn.
  3. lay out the 4 strands of yarn lengthwise, making sure that the edges are evenly aligned.
  4. feed the ends of the yarn through the bottom corner of the handle cutouts on the shelf.
  5. fold 6 inches of yarn ends in half to form a loop and pull the remaining yarn ends through the loop to make a knot. Pull to tighten.
  6. lay the thread from the right middle strands of the yellow yarn as a base from the right side of the group over the top of the middle in a backward L-shape.
  7. loop the strand from the left side under the two middle strands upwards and between the backward L-shape and the strand furthest to the right. Tighten to create a decorative macramé knot.
  8. Repeat just below the first knot to create a second knot. Slide the second knot up to meet the first.
  9. create more macramé knots until 6 are in a row.
  10. use 4 additional yellow twines to repeat the process at the top of the same hand neckline.
  11. collect the excess yarn at the ends of the two macramé knot cords and loop it into a single knot.
  12. repeat the whole process for the hand neckline on the other side of the circular shelf.
  13. hang the shelf from the two top knots on either side so that the shelf is horizontal to the floor.
  14. place a plant, book or candle on the macramé shelf to display it

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